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We are ZanFIT, a fitness and sports education business that aims to promote healthy lifestyle and wellness to communities and customers. We teach bootcamp-style classes, HIIT, mixing cardio and strength training with introductory level kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques. We also teach capoeira for adults, students and kids in addition to general fitness and much more! We create work opportunities for already established martial arts professionals and for local youth who are already in sports or who wants to pursue a career in sports, through expanding our teaching staff and apprenticing new promising fitness trainers. 


ZanFIT caters to all levels of fitness and welcomes beginners to advanced level athletes to train with us. We promote healthy lifestyles to youth and adults, and show every participant their potential to gain stamina, strength and confidence after every class. 



It all started in Zanzibar!


Ally was born in Zanzibar, but relocated to the UK when he was 9 years old. As multitalented in sports, he grew up competing in various branches of sports and started pursuing Muay Thai and Capoeira at an early age. 


In 2012 he decided to come back to Zanzibar full time, where he Joined Mlandege Sports Club, continuing with Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Since 2014 he has apprenticed trainers and conducted classes in Zanzibar with his team, and since 2017 under the name of ZanFIT. 


Through strong friendships made along the ZanFit journey, we have created a community and movement of trainers, athletes and martial artists, with strong bonds and support from the American Top Team, Atlanta under Roan Jucao and from Capoeira Brasil, Meistre Juruna and Paulo Major. 



ZanFIT values diversity and believes that physical activity can create unity, and to promote and improve public health. Our philosophy is that physical activity can include, empower- and prevent discrimination of gender and people with disabilities and create a more open and unified society. 


Through our regular trainings, group trainings, other social events and beach hangouts we have created a strong team of trainers and we aim to be close to our clients, and provide a free space where everyone can feel welcome and accepted. It all started in a mixed environment of locals, tourists and expatriates, and our goal is to give people a feeling of belongingness and unity, and a place to meet new friends.

By training with us you support locals, and all our profits are being used to strengthen the sports and martial arts environment for youth in Zanzibar. 

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