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Muay Thai in Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Our MuayFit program offers a unique blend of fitness and martial arts training, incorporating the techniques and discipline of Muay Thai. Through a rigorous bootcamp-style workout, you'll develop strength, speed, and agility, while learning the fundamentals of padwork and Muay Thai technique. Our  trainers will push you to achieve your best and help you reach your fitness goals, tailoring the class to your fitness level. 

Join our group classes at our set locations, or contact us for a trainer to come to your private location around Zanzibar Island. 

3 clients, 1 trainer

Stone Town: $35 per single class

Fumba: $40 per single class

East/ West coast: $45 per single class

Group price package overview


1 client, 1 trainer

Stone Town: $30 pr single class

Fumba: $35 per single class

East/ West coast: $40 per single class

Contact us for discounted class packages. 


The prices of our private classes may vary, depending on the location of the training and how many trainers are needed. We are able to send our trainers all around Zanzibar Island to your chosen location at your chosen time. Contact us directly for a price quotation tailored to your needs, number of people and location. Get a price quotation 



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